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February 10 2015


How Waxing (Ottawa) Makes You Look Better

The next time you are yelling at yourself for buying cheap razors, which have just nicked your legs or bikini area, again, consider looking into getting a professional waxing treatment. Let’s face it: shaving is the worst. Not only is it a pain to have to shave your tender parts, but it can get pretty expensive, hence the probability of you making the same mistake of playing roulette with the budget blades. Everyone loves a close shave, the feel of it and the look of it, and there is no denying the beautiful results that come with a fresh wax job.

Smooth, shiny, waxing

Most people are fairly mortified of the thought of getting their body waxed. The rip and tug scene from the movie ’40 year old virgin’ can be all that is needed to turn off somebody from getting the procedure done. That scene, of course, is pure fantasy, when it comes to what estheticians really do in the real world. You will never be in a situation where massive patches of hair are going to be ripped out without proper prepping. This, of course, is mainly a fear of the male population, that’s why most men still won’t shave or remove their chest hair, despite the growing popularity of it with the opposite sex.

When you visit a spa to get any type of skin care treatment done, you’ll be in the hands of professionals. There is no chance that you will be in any torturous pain if you are in the hands of a licensed and reputable establishment. I would feel much more at ease in a waxing chair than a doctor’s or dentist’s chair, that’s for sure. Mainly because of the more casual environment, but also because I know they are trained to understand people’s tolerance for pain and the skin’s biology more intimately than any amateur waxing kit you can buy on the market.

That’s where many of the horror stories you will hear come from, DIY skin care does not account for everyone’s different bodies and their unique tolerances when it comes to skin care and allergens.

Seeing an esthetician to get a waxing in Ottawa is an investment that will pay off ten-fold when you see just how amazing the results are and the added bonus of not having to worry about cutting yourself on those useless hand razors. Waxing is affordable, easy, fast, and it just makes more sense.

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